4 Features You Must Have in a New Cable TV Service

Getting bored at home and running out of things to watch on your favorite streaming provider? If so, it may be time to sign back up for cable TV. Here are some must-have features in a new TV provider when you are narrowing down your selection.

1. 4K Support

You likely have a new 4K TV at home that you want to take full advantage of. That is why it is worth looking into what the cable TV provider offers in terms of TV support. There may be specific channels that they off in 4K, which require subscribing to specific packages. Another potential option is that the latest PPV movies may be available in 4K for you to rent. If 4K is important to you, make sure your cable TV supplier offers it in some fashion.

2. On-Demand

You may be surprised at how many shows are offered on-demand as part of your cable TV subscription. The on-demand functionality should be easy to use, with many providers offering it as part of the guide where you can simply jump to the channel's on-demand offerings with the click of a button. This can help you get caught up on a backlog of episodes that you missed since you last had cable TV.

3. DVR Functionality

While you may be subscribing to cable TV so that you can have live television once again, that doesn't mean you necessarily want to watch it live. Having DVR functionality built into your television receiver is crucial these days, or else you'll miss out on many shows because you are simply not watching TV at the time that they air. 

4. Streaming App

Another important feature to have these days is a streaming app that allows you to view television on the go. Some apps allow you to simply stream live channels to your tablet or mobile device, while others go even further by offering DVR or on-demand content. If the cable TV provider doesn't have their own streaming app, look into what other apps allow you to login with your cable TV credentials. These apps are often offered as long as you subscribe to a package that contains the channel, and allows you a different way to view live feeds or on-demand content. 

Looking for more interesting features as part of your cable TV subscription? Reach out to a cable TV supplier for more information about their offerings.