Four Situations Where You Need Fast Internet Speeds

When selecting an internet service provider, you will have the option to pick between several speed packages for your monthly service. While you may think that you can get away with the slowest package to save money, you may find that this is more problematic than you think. Here are some situations where you may benefit in having a fast internet connection.

Streaming Video

You may not be aware of how data intensive streaming video can be. While most streaming services will adapt to your internet speeds and adjust the bitrate automatically, you may not realize that a slow internet connection is reducing the quality significantly. For example, you may be paying for Netflix to provide the UltraHD 4K video streams of your favorite shows, but you will be unable to take advantage of that unless your internet speeds are capable of transmitting 4K video. This can cause you to get 1080p HD video or worse when you are paying for a much better service.


If anybody in your home is a gamer, they can surely tell you how important it is to have a fast internet connection. If the upload and download speeds are too slow, it can create noticeable lag between them and their opponents during an online game. With many console services charging for access to online multiplayer, this can make that paid subscription difficult to use because you selected a slow speed package for your internet. Pay attention to both upload and download speeds to make sure that you have enough bandwidth for your family's gaming needs.

File Transfers

With storage space getting more plentiful these days, the file sizes are getting bigger. Even updating all of the apps on your phone can take several gigabytes of data that need to transfer for you to have the updated app. You may find that the slow internet speeds are causing these file transfers to take what seems like forever, and discouraging you to download those software updates that you need.

Screen Sharing

Do you have to connect to another computer remotely over the internet? If so, a slow connection speed can cause this experience to be subpar. You may be forced to bump down the screen resolution or color scale to get your commands to display in real time on your end, making screen sharing an unenjoyable experience. With high speed internet, you can use your remote desktop software in a way that makes it feel like you're actually sitting down at the other computer.