4 Ways Of Getting Internet Delivered To Your Home

If you are looking to switch to a different internet provider, it is important to realize that there are multiple ways to get the internet to your home. The four main types of internet service are DSL, cable broadband, satellite, and fiber optic service.


Digital subscriber line, or DSL, is the original type of internet that most people had when they first started out with internet. DSL is delivered through your phone line, just like dial-up internet used to be provided.

There are actually two types of DSL internet, ADSL and SDSL. ADSL, or Asymmetric, generally is the more affordable of the two types of DSL internet and offers download speeds that are faster than the upload speeds. SDSL, or Symmetric DSL, offers download and upload speeds that are the same rate.

With DSL service, the closer you are to the central office, the better your internet service will be. The further you are from the central office, the weaker your signal will be.

Cable Broadband

Cable broadband is delivered through your cable television line. You purchase cable internet through your television provider. Generally, you are able to enjoy higher speeds with cable internet compared to other types of internet. However, the downside of cable internet is that your bandwidth is shared with everyone else who is attached to the same cable wire as you.

That means that Friday evening, when everyone in the neighborhood is trying to use the internet, your speeds are going to be slower than they are at five o'clock in the morning on a Sunday, when the demand for internet is lower.

Your internet speed may be faster overall, but it will more than likely also be less consistent as well.


Satellite internet is literally beamed into your house. You need to have a satellite dish installed on your home, and generally you purchase satellite internet from your satellite television provider.

The big downside to satellite internet is that the internet speeds are much slower than DSL and cable in most instances, and there is no potential for faster internet. It also costs more to get satellite internet in general compared to other types of internet. Satellite internet is a great alternative for areas without other internet options.

Fiber Optic Service

Fiber optic service is also known as FiOS. It is the fastest type of internet around. However, you have to live in an area where fiber optic cables have been installed, and those areas are really limited in scope at the moment. If you live in an area with fiber optic internet though, you should be able to enjoy extremely fast download and upload speeds.

If you need to set up internet, keep in mind that there are four different types of ways to get internet delivered to your home or business. The type of internet you end up using depends on your location as well as your upload and download speed needs.