5 Important Things To Keep In Mind When Installing Network Cables

When you need to install network cables in your business building, it is important that you pay special attention to the cables as you install them for the best results. Here are a few important things to keep in mind when installing network cables.

#1 Keep The Cable Length In Control

To start with, you need to make sure that you keep the cable length in control. You don't want to use an excessively long cables or patch too many cables together. When you start to use really long cords or patch too many cords together, the strength of the cord decreases and the cord will not convey your network connection well and will not provide a reliable connection for your business needs.

#2 Mount Cable Trays

Cable trays should be mounted to either the ceiling or they should be mounted to a rack in the wall. The cable trays should be well mounted. Make sure the cable trays are not overloaded as well. If the cable tray is overloaded, the tray risks falling off of the wall or the ceiling. If that were to happen, the cables would then be compromised. Another reasons to not overload your cable trays is that the cables at the bottom can get crushed by the weight of all the other cables, resulting in your network signal being diminished.

#3 Leave Space To Work With

You need to make sure that you leave space to work with on your cable tray. Leaving extra space on your cable tray will allow you to more easily remove cables that you are not using anymore from the cable tray. It is important that you remove cables that you are not using from the tray so that the tray does not get overloaded.

#4 Don't Stretch The Cables

Fourth, make sure that you are not stretching the cables. If you stretch the cables too much, it can damage the cables. There are lots of different ways that stretching the cables can damage them. As the cables are stretched out, the wiring will get be stretched thin. This will result in the strength of the signal being compromised and the performance will be compromised as well. It is important to not stretch out the cable as it will damage network performance.

#5 Don't Use Electrical Conduits

Finally, you should not use electrical conduits and terminations on internet network cables. They do not have the right angle of bend or space to support copper network cables. Electrical conduit and terminations boxes can damage copper wires used for network connections. 

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